Monday, 21 March 2016

Twitter App Surfaces On Microsoft Windows 10

Twitter debuts its app on Microsoft Window 10 platform.

Twitter Inc. has come up with a mobile application that is devoted to the Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 ecosystem. Initially, the company started to render support for tablets and desktops to its global Windows app.
The tech giant decided to surface the application on Window Store right after Angela Lam, the product designer for Twitter along with her team critically analyzed parts of the social media platform to bring the app on mobile.
Microsoft users have the advantage of making use of edit, shoot, Moments and Tweet videos via their cameras, add intriguing captions, check the latest things trending, share their tweets and go through profiles without the need of a desktop by merely signing using their smartphones. As per Ms. Lam, the application has been designed in a manner that enables it to adapt to different devices by fitting to the screens.
The company is making use of the Windows Phone dark theme. The reason behind this selection is that it is extremely popular amongst the Twitter clientele. To make use of this theme on their profile, the users will have to make their selection on the personalization menu so that the theme can fit precisely on the device. It is assumed that the modified user interface is an effort by the company to provide users with an aesthetically appealing experience while using their smartphones.
According to several analysts, by offering the Twitter users with an application devoted to the Windows 10 platforms, the company can pump up its game while competing with other social media application due to better accessibility.
The only obstacle with this move is that Windows 10 is only available on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL gadgets which can become the core reason behind its widespread popularity. When both the companies modify their webpages pertaining to the update, Twitter will also generate hashtag #twitterforwindows will enable the users to talk to representatives at Twitter and register their queries.
This initiative might just be a small step by Twitter to lure the limited audience of Windows 10. However, it is a massive stride for Microsoft in general. The software giant has been struggling with encouraging the masses to switch to Windows 10 since their app ecosystem is not even close to what Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. offer.
Thus, this might not be a major stride but it poses some optimism for the company which highlights that big names in the fraternity might just want to take Windows 10 seriously as well. If the company can continue to get more big names onboard with quality smartphones then the situation might just change for them.
For now, MSFT needs to push its effort and improve the offerings of Windows 10 to embrace the change it has desired of since a long time. On the other hand, the company also needs to think about how to engage the masses and provide them incentives that force them to switch to Windows.

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